The BentoBox lending solution

Random unrelated picture of Sushi :P
  • Isolated lending pairs. Anyone can create a pair, it’s up to users which pairs they find safe enough. Risk is isolated to just that pair.
  • Flexible oracles, both on-chain and off-chain.
  • Liquid interest rates based on a specific target utilization, such as 75%.
  • Contracts optimized for low gas.
  • The supplied assets can be used for flash loans, providing extra revenue for suppliers.

Isolated lending pairs

Margin shorting any token

Flexible oracles

Liquid interest rates

Optimized for low gas use

Areas of more research during development

Revenue generation

Who am I?

  • Starting coding at the age of 6, hence 36 years experience coding in about every language and on every platform from large databases, accounting software to HFT and 3D engines.
  • Successfully built and exited multi-million dollar internet company.
  • Founder, architect and main coder on full CEX focused on security and transparency.






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