Dictator DAO

On chain protocol governance


  • On-chain protocol is fully decentralized (in theory, but on these cases too much voting power still rests with the original investors and team)


  • Innovation is very slow
  • Only small incremental updates are done, no new products are developed (unless the company decides to, outside of control of the DAO)
  • Can be hard to reach quorum to get changes made
  • Website is still developed, owned and operated by a centralized team
  • High gas costs for DAO members

Snapshot governance


  • No gas costs to vote, leading to more participation
  • Teams have freedom to innovate and update the protocol as they see fit


  • The DAO has no recourse and no control over the protocol, they are in practice an advisory board
  • The operator/team is in practice a dictatorship and can completely ignore the DAO

The Solution: Democratically elected dictatorship





Bad idea? Good idea? Questions?



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